Arizona Vacation Rental Co.

Arizona Vacation Rental Company is located in the growing East Valley of Phoenix Arizona. We have over 15 years management experience in hospitality. After managing our personal vacation properties and assisting a few select clients, we saw a growing need for a honest, hands on local company to help give owners peace of mind.

We do this by offering a full service approach. It starts with helping the owner with the initial set up, ensuring the property has the proper furniture and supplies needed to create a successful short term rental property. If you need to furnish and outfit the property from scratch we have a program that will assist with this. We help stage your property, take professional pictures and create a property profile on 3rd party booking sites.

We handle all guest interaction from booking to check out, professionally addressing all questions and concerns. We use in house cleaners who have been trained to clean and prepare the property for guests with extra hospitality touches. We have an in house handyman to timely assist with any small repairs or maintenance that might arise during a guest visit. Our monthly safety and maintenance walk through helps the owner stay on top of their property and address concerns before they become costly repairs. If a repair is needed outside of in house ability, we will help to coordinate repair with a third party vendor. Give us a call today to see if we are the right partner for you and your property.


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  • Encanterra Luxury

  • Queen Creek Villa

  • Gilbert Retreat with Pool/Spa

  • Superstition Views

  • Roadrunner Retreat

  • Gold Canyon Desert Paradise

  • Mountainbrook Views

  • Del Monte Villa

  • Desert Dawn Villa

  • Dinosaur Mountain Retreat

  • Casa De Oro, Gateway to the Superstitions

  • Gold Canyon-Superstition Foothills

  • Craftsman Bungalow in Historical Garfield District

  • Gilbert Cooley Station

  • Gilbert, Arizona, United States
  • P.O. Box 1023 Higley, az 85236
What are the advantages of Vacation Rentals vs. Traditional Rentals for an Income Property.

What are the advantages of Vacation Rentals vs. Traditional Rentals for an Income Property.

Is a Vacation Rental Right for you?

In the past few years vacation properties have grown in popularity, for a good reason.  The convenience of having kitchen,  living area, private pool, and over all warmer ambiance for about the same price point as a hotel is hard to pass up.  But what are the reasons for owning a vacation rental property?

It is a great investment. You build equity in your property while the guests rental fee make your payment. A strong vacation property will bring in a monthly income on top of covering all of you property costs.  To top that off you have a second home for your personal vacations. It is a win/win scenario, you provide a great experience for your guests  vacation at a great price point and you make money.  The most difficult part of owning a vacation home is finding a experienced reliable management company. Arizona Vacation Rental Company, would love to see if we are the right partner for you. Email or call us today!

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Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental Property

Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental Property

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a Vacation Property?  First thing you need to determine is location. Here in Arizona we have many choices for great vacation rental locations.  You can choose a location close to golfing, hiking, spring training, or a sleepy area to just enjoy the quiet and sunshine.  

Once you have determined the location you need to decide on the type and size of property you would prefer. If it is something you are going to use personally? Do you need a certain amount of beds? Are there certain  features you want or are you strictly looking for the highest return on your investment? Typically smaller units such as a one or two bedroom condos will give you a higher ROI but their is still a demand for larger houses, if that is what works best for you family. Properties that have pools, spa, views, walking distance to amenities are all features that help sell a property. Don't forget to calculate in the expenses of upkeep. The smaller condos may have higher HOA fees but your yard and pool maintenance as well as roof warranties are usually included. Some guests are willing to pay the higher cost for the privacy of a home. It is important to weigh the different options. Don't forget to make sure that short term rentals are allowed in the community you are looking in. Some associations have rules limiting your rental abilities.  If you have decided to become a vacation rental owner, reach out today so that we can guide you in setting up or purchasing a property. 

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What little touches make my vacation Rental Stand out.

What little touches make my vacation Rental Stand out.

Hospitality touches

Some of the best ways to make you vacation home stand out is to offer some thoughtful touches. You can tailor your hospitality touches to the type of rental you are providing, it it geared towards family's or is it more of a couple retreat. For a family stay having a fruit basket and a few bottles of water to greet them is a nice touch. If it a couple you happen to know is celebrating a anniversary a bottle of wine or Champagne would start your guests off with a great impression.  If you have a pool on the property you should provide pool towels but taking it a step further have a supply of sunscreen and some pool floats to provide a little extra.  There are many ideas to stand out. A gourmet coffee bar with flavored creamers and a few choices of coffee with a great display can be a wow factor. 

Setting guest up with anything they may have forgotten is also a nice touch. A few extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, Travel size deodorant, lotion and disposable razor in a nice display basket. It will rarely get used but be a thoughtful gesture with a note saying for those who have forgotten please be our guest. If you have ever forgotten one of these items on a trip, you will be thankful for the thoughtful gesture, especially if the store is not nearby. 


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Vacation in Superstitions

 "Escape to the East Valley: Unveiling the Hidden Charms of Gold Canyon and Apache Junction"

Welcome to the enchanting East Valley, where the Arizona sun paints the landscapes in hues of gold, and the Superstition Mountains stand as sentinels over the breathtaking desert terrain. As your go-to vacation rental company specializing in the East Valley, we are thrilled to be your guides on an unforgettable journey through the hidden treasures of Gold Canyon and Apache Junction. These destinations offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and a touch of history, creating a unique haven for those seeking an authentic Arizona experience.

Discover Gold Canyon's Desert Oasis

Gold Canyon, with its majestic saguaros and awe-inspiring desert vistas, beckons travelers to embrace the rugged beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Venture onto the Hieroglyphic Trail to witness ancient petroglyphs or tackle the challenging Peralta Trail for panoramic views of the Superstition Mountains. Our curated vacation rental properties in Gold Canyon ensure a comfortable and luxurious home base, allowing you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the desert while enjoying the modern conveniences of home.

Apache Junction: Where History Meets the Horizon

Step back in time in Apache Junction, a town steeped in the lore of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. Explore the historic downtown, where charming shops and local eateries coexist with the rugged beauty of the Superstition Mountain Museum. Our vacation rentals in Apache Junction provide not only a convenient base for exploring historical sites but also easy access to the vibrant local scene, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable experience.

Outdoor Adventures in the Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities amidst breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're into horseback riding, off-road adventures, or bird watching, the Superstitions have it all. Discover the allure of Lost Dutchman State Park and Tonto National Forest, and return to your chosen vacation rental—an adventure-ready haven with bike storage and spacious outdoor areas.

Relaxation and Recreation: Gold Canyon Golf Courses

For those seeking a leisurely escape, Gold Canyon boasts world-class golf courses against a backdrop of stunning desert panoramas. Tee off at Gold Canyon Golf Resort's Dinosaur Mountain for a challenging round with unparalleled views. Our vacation rentals, strategically located near these golfing gems, provide an ideal retreat for enthusiasts and those looking to unwind in the serene beauty of Gold Canyon.

Your Gateway to East Valley Bliss

In conclusion, Gold Canyon and Apache Junction are the East Valley's best-kept secrets, offering a perfect blend of natural wonders and recreational pursuits. Our carefully curated vacation rentals in these areas ensure that your stay is not only comfortable but also an integral part of the authentic East Valley experience. Whether you're an adventure seeker, history buff, or golf enthusiast, the East Valley has something magical for everyone, and our vacation rentals are the keys to unlocking it all. Come, escape to the East Valley, and let the beauty of Gold Canyon and Apache Junction redefine your Arizona vacation.