What are the advantages of Vacation Rentals vs. Traditional Rentals for an Income Property.

In the past few years vacation properties have grown in popularity, for a good reason.  The convenience of having kitchen,  living area, private pool, and over all warmer ambiance for about the same price point as a hotel is hard to pass up.  But what are the reasons for owning a vacation rental property?

It is a great investment. You build equity in your property while the guests rental fee make your payment. A strong vacation property will bring in a monthly income on top of covering all of you property costs.  To top that off you have a second home for your personal vacations. It is a win/win scenario, you provide a great experience for your guests  vacation at a great price point and you make money.  The most difficult part of owning a vacation home is finding a experienced reliable management company. Arizona Vacation Rental Company, would love to see if we are the right partner for you. Email or call us today!